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In today's economy, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship have become key priorities for small inventors, institutions and large corporations alike. However, many working in this space lack a detailed understanding of intellectual property principles.

In order to be successful in technology commercialization, these individuals need to be equipped with an understanding of the principles of intellectual property. The idea that even basic intellectual property training alone can be sufficient is no longer acceptable. Although these individuals need not be experts, they can and should be equipped with a working knowledge of intellectual property principles in order to actively approach technology commercialization from a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary perspective.

ELLIPTEK strives to develop an education and training program that will foster the development of technical innovation leaders. Our broad based, high-quality education programs are developed for individuals of all levels of experience, and have been designed to generate excitement and interest in the areas of invention and technology commercialization. Through simulations and case studies, participants get to experience all phases of intellectual property protection, from creation, to invention analysis through to patent protection.